Instructions for Doulton Ceramic Filter

Instructions for Doulton Ceramic Filter

Installation / Replacement

General removal and re-installation of the filter cartridge is carried out as follows: (for full detailed instructions see instalation instructions supplied with filter). With the water supply off; vent any pressure by opening the user tap. Unscrew the filter body. Care should be taken as it will be full of water. The cartridge can now be removed and be replaced and cleaned in accordance with "Cleaning the Filter" section below. To replace the cartridge ensure that all seals are positioned and seals are made. The body can now be screwed into the head. Hand tighten only.

Conditioning the Cartridge

In order to remove any loose particles resulting from the manufacture of the cartridge, the water from the filter should be run to waste for 10 minutes or 15 Litres. Additionally, to allow the filter to be conditioned to the source of the water, allow the unit to stand unused for a further 24 hours and then run the first 3 litres of water to waste. The filter is now ready to use.

General Use

The filtered water can now be used for drinking and preparing food. The recommended flow rate should be used to give optimum performance. If the filter has been standing unused for 24 hours, one or two litres of water should be run to waste to ensure that the water is "fresh" FOR USE WITH COLD WATER ONLY

Cleaning the Filter

Due to filtration of particulate contaminants from the water during use, the flow of water from the filter may reduce over a period of time. To return the water flow to its normal level simply remove, clean and replace the cartridge as follows: Remove the cartridge in accordance with the filter operation instruction taking care at all times not to contaminate the inside of the cartridge or the end of the nipple with unfiltered water or dirty hands. Take the cartridge to a sink. Hold the cartridge under running water and scour with a stiff brush or kitchen scouring pad. The cartridge is now ready for replacement into the filter housing in accordance with the filter operating instructions.

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