Spring Water Vs Filtered Water
Bottled Spring Water or Filtered Water ?

Bottled Spring Water or Filtered Water ?

Bottled Spring Water

Bottled Spring WaterBottled Spring Water originates from Natural Underground Springs that are protected by the earths underground rocks. Spring Water does not contain additives such as Chlorine or Fluoride. During the bottling process the Spring Water undergoes further filtration and ozonation to create a purely refreshing natural drinking water, free from additives, and premium quality.

Be Careful: Some companies do bottle filtered water. Always ask if your bottled water is spring water or filtered water. Natural Choice Water Pty Ltd only bottles Spring Water.

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Filtered Water

Twin Undersink FilterWater Filters are used to remove contaminents from your water supply. The water originates from a catchement or reservoir, and is treated with Chlorine and Fluoride. Water Filters can be connected to the Mains Water Supply to filter Sediment, Chlorine, Taste, Odour and other non-desirable matter, depending upon the type of filter used. Water Filters will have a Micron rating that removes all particles smaller than the rating. We also have refillable bottles that have an internal filter.

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