Frequently Asked Questions

Water Cooler and Spring Water FAQ

Q. Is there any minimum quantity that I must buy.

A. We do not deliver single bottles. Our minimum order is 2 or more bottles. If you do not need a delivery there is no charge. You may choose the delivery frequency of 2 weekly, 4 weekly, 6 weekly, 8 weekly, or if you prefer to receive deliveries only upon ordering we offer a telephone service. You may request to skip a delivery at any time. We do have a standard minimum of 10 bottles per year for rental customers.

Q. What Does 'Cook' Mean

A. The term 'cook' is used to describe the room temperature tap on the water cooler. The water temperature can sometimes be slightly cooler than room temperature, but is not chilled. The 'cook' tap is usually white.

Q. Do you have 600mls and 1.5L bottles.

A. No, we do not offer the small disposable bottles.

Q. Can I pay cash to your drivers?

A. Yes, our drivers will issue a receipt for your payment.

Q. What if I am moving - will you move the cooler?

A. No, we ask that you move the cooler with the rest of your furniture, and advise your change of address to our office. It is best to move the cooler in the upright position. If this is not possible, and the cooler is laid on its side, it must stand in an upright position for 2 hours prior to switching on.

Q. What If I am moving interstate, is there an early cancellation fee?

A. No. There is no fee if you wish to cancel before the end of your yearly rental. There is no refund for the unused portion of rental.

Q. Can I purchase water only, without a water cooler?

A. Yes, if you have a dispenser already, we can supply the spring water only.

Q. What if the cooler breaks down?

A. If you are renting the water cooler, you will need to contact our office, and we will arrange a replacement cooler at no charge. If you have purchased the water cooler, you will need to contact the manufacturer for warranty repairs. We can provide a rental cooler whilst your purchased cooler is in repair, if required.

Q. Is there fluoride in Spring Water?

A. No we do not add fluoride to the Spring Water. Adding fluoride to water is not proven to have any benefit for our bodies. In fact some reports question the safety of this process.

Q. Is there any incentive for referring a new customer?

A. We value your 'word of mouth' recommendations. If you refer a new customer to Natural Choice Spring Water, we will give you 2 bottles free. That's $19.00 of Spring Water for free.

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