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Monthly Rental Aquacooler RP Series POU Water Cooler

Monthly Rental Aquacooler RP Series POU Water Cooler

Monthly Rental Aquacooler RP Series POU Water Cooler
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Monthly Rental Includes
 Minimum Rental Period 12 Months
 Cold & Room Temp or Hot & Cold
No Drain Required
Unique Float Valve Assembly
World Class Reliability and Performance
Installation is additional, and varies according to the location and difficulty of the requested placement.
A quote for installation is provided prior to confirmation of your order
DIMENSIONS Width 370mm, Depth 320mm, Height 970mm
Features Benefits
COLD WATER RESERVOIR All dispensers have stainless steel tanks that hold approximately 1.8 litres of chilled water during normal usage. Each has a chilling capacity of 5.1 litres per hour during peak periods.
HOT WATER RESERVOIR The stainless steel hot tank is fitted with a high performance 575 watt band heater. This model dleivers 50 cups (150ml) of hot water per hour at approximately 90 degrees celcius. Hot tanks have drains fitted for easy cleaning and sanitisation. It is very easy to remove for service if required. Each tank has its components swaged together. As no fusion welding is used, the occurence of pitting, crevice or galvanic corrosion is prevented.
REFRIGERATION The system uses 50gms of R134A refrigerant, which is non-toxic, non-flammable and is environmentally friendly. A capilary tube, which has no moving parts, controls refrigerant flow.
TEMPERATURE CONTROL A factory pre-set thermostat controls the temperature of water in the cold tank. The water temperature in the hot tank is controlled by a mechanical thermostat set to approximately 85 degrees celcius
COMPRESSOR 1/16 h.p capacity 49 watts. The compressor is hermetically sealed for silent running.
CONDENSER All steel tube and wire construction
ELECTRICAL 240 volts, 50Hz. A 2 metre house cable and 3 pin plug are supplied.
PERFORMANCE To ARI 1010-94 Standard
RELIABLE FLOAT VALVE ASSEMBLY Designed to operate at water pressure ranging from 100-700 kPa this unique float valve assembly offers reliability and simplicity of service when needed. It needs only one connectionto Nylon tube and a "John Guest" fitting. Made from food grade plastic and stainless steel hardware this assembly will not taint the water at all. An air filter is included in the assembly to protect the water from contamination.
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